Audio postproduction
Audio postproduction

Sound post production for commercial advertising, jingles, reportages and other format for TV, radio and internet content

  • Audio mixing
  • Audio mastering
  • Audio editing
  • Audio digitalization
Audio production
Audio production

Sound and music production for advertising , movie , video, personal

  • Music Production
  • Sound production
  • Sound design
Audio recording
Audio recording

Studio or field sound recording

  • Recording of individual instruments in the studio
  • Recording bands or quires
  • Recording of vocals and voice over’s
  • Field recording
Video production
Video production

Recording and production for   Commercial advertising , promotional videos, product videos , video reportages and internet.

  • Product video
  • Tv commercials
  • Promotion video
  • Corporative video
  • Reportage
  • Animated illustrated video
  • Description video
Video postproduction
Video postproduction

Editing and processing of video material

  • Video editing
  • Video montage
  • Video graphics
  • Color correction
  • Session instrumentalists and vocalists
  • Bands
  • Djs
  • Live acts
  • Actors